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Feuchtgebiete – Wetlands


Bodily fluid-obsessed teenager Helen describes herself as a living pussy hygiene experiment. After an intimate shaving accident, she ends up stuck in the hospital, where she skateboards through the halls and reminisces about her culinary masturbation experiments, the seductive powers of her unwashed scent, and used-tampon swapping with her equally uninhibited best friend, Corinna. All the while, she charms a handsome male nurse with her nasty sex talk and schemes to reunite her mismatched parents.

Trailer que no mostra coses tan maques com les que promet la sinopsi, pel que crec que és una peli que caldrà veure:

  1. gener 20, 2014 a les 1:09 pm

    Aiii, que és d’aquelles pelis que diuen que parlen de sexe però al final només hi han palles mentals existencialistes, oi?

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